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Alpha version of the OAI-ORE documents available

The public alpha versions of the OAI Object Reuse and Exchange (OAI-ORE) User Guide and Specification documents are now available.

Results of the RLG Programs Descriptive Metadata Practices Survey Now Available

The objective of this survey, conducted in July and August 2007 among 18 RLG partner institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom, was to gain a baseline understanding of current descriptive metadata practices and dependencies. The report summarizes the descriptive practices used across a variety of applications, the data structure and data content standards followed, the audiences for the metadata created, and some organization patterns.

RLG Programs' interpretation of the results and the issues we identified to pursue in future projects is available at

Results of The International Survey of Institutional Digital Repositories

[Posted with permission of James Moses]

Primary Research Group has published The International Survey of Institutional Digital Repositories (ISBN # 1-57440- 090-8) and would like to share some of its research results.

Just a few of the study’s many findings are that:

  • The average institutional digital repository spent $78,802 (US) in start up costs.

Shifting Gears: Gearing Up to Get Into the Flow

OCLC Programs and Research has published this report inspired by the "Digitization Matters" forum held in August 2007 by Research Libraries Group and the Society of American Archivists. The report presents strategies for bringing the scale of digitization of unique special collections in libraries and archives in line with that of the mass digitization of published material by programs such as Google Books and the Open Content Alliance.

New issue of Digital Document Quarterly now available

DDQ Volume 6, Number 3 is now available. Items include a link to the announcement that the NDIIPP funding has been withdrawn, and that the works of Robert Heinlein are being digitized by the UC Santa Cruz Library.

Library Journal interview with Brewster Kahle

Available here. A snippet -- LJ: "You've been critical of Google's library partnerships. What is Google doing right and/or wrong?" BK: "Two problems: one is perpetual restrictions on the public domain. Another is that these negotiations are all going on in secret."

"NISO Framework for Digital Collections" to be revised

NISO has received funding from the Institute for Library and Museum Services to update its Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections. According to the lastest issue of NISO Newsline, the new version will "improve coverage of non-text formats, international initiatives, digital preservation, Web 2.0 concepts, and several other areas of interest".

"Compound Information Objects: An OAI-ORE Perspective"

The Open Archive Initiative's Object Reuse and Exchange working group has released Compound Information Objects: An OAI-ORE Perspective, which describes their "interoperability layer that is a standardized means for publishing [...] repository-specific and application-specific implementations of compound objects to the web." This is the first major technical document from the OAI-ORE group.

European Library Handbook now availble

The European Library has released its Handbook to the general public. This publication "is a help guide that allows national libraries to input their collections into The European Library portal" but it contains useful information for others who are creating similar guidelines.

NPR "Talk of the Nation" episode on digitization

The May 11 "Talk of the Nation" featured Brewster Kahle (, Michael Hart (Project Gttenberg), and Michael Keller (Stanford University Librarian and Publisher of HighWire and Stanford University Press). The program is available on the NPR website.

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